The file provided by the Board of Elections is a list of individual voters.  Communication by cell phone and email is to individuals. 
In some case, a family may share an email.  When mailing,
we want the lists to be to households.

Our data allows for you to identify which voters share a household.  We can run those lists for you.

Data Formats

• Excel Files

• CSV (comma delimited) Files

• PDF walk lists for printing

• Phone Lists for live calling

• Label formats

Data Selections

• Voter History

• Gender

• Ethnicity

• Phones Only

• Random Samples

• Households

• Party

• Any combinations of the above


Prime New York will never break your confidence.

We will never store or sell private data files.

We will never share your collected data
with anyone.

The information you get from
Prime New York is yours.




Match Voter to

append emails


Enhance your

private files

for e-mail

and phones


Match Labor and Organization membership lists

for voter



Match Private Membership lists for Senate, Assembly, Council and House Districts


On line Data System

to manage

GOTV and
Voter Contact




Voter Communication

(all delivered by legal platforms)

Mobile Sites
Communicate with voters via
text and email in two way communication to deliver you messages in open conversation

Phone Calling
Automated and Live Calls

We will blast your messages for you

We can send SMS messages or voice messages to mobile devices

Social Media
Have a presence on Facebook
with voters in your district

Internet Advertising
Banner Ads, Video

Messaging and Targeting

Prime New York can design, print and mail your campaign materials.

We can help you craft your message or take the messages you‘ve created and get them to voters.

We work with all the nationally known and local consultants to provide data and services.

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              years ago, a young Manhattan Democratic District 
              Leader named Scott Stringer suggested to
Jerry Skurnik and Stu Osnow that they “go into the list business”.  We started Prime New York the next year and put
a crew together to collect information from the New York City Board of Elections.  We set out to identify which voters actually participated in Primaries, specifically Democratic Primaries since in New York City, the winner of the Primary generally won the November Election.  The crew was paid $12.00/hour back then.  Future Chef Ben Umayam and Pioneer Gamer Billy Thibou led the effort.

We gathered information first by marking computer sheets and typing them in to terminals and later with bar code readers.  We stored data on mag tapes in air conditioned facilities.  The tapes were moved by robot arms to computers.  The original Board of Elections “buff cards” had identifiers like height and eye color.  It was always clear in New York State that you are not required to carry ID when you vote.

We used programs designed by Voter Contact Services in Honolulu HI.  In the earliest days, we offered only labels or printouts that were delivered nightly from Hawaii like pineapples.  There were walk lists, Cheshire Labels, gummed labels, leader lists and very sophisticated products.

We evolved from faxing orders over the phone to using a bulletin board, running orders over a 2400 baud dial up modem, also over a phone when you had to pay long distance charges.  Our phone bill to dial in to Hawaii was practically the same as our shipping bill to receive paper from Hawaii.

For Jerry and Stu, it was all about service.  We could move data, such as the state of the tech was within 24 hours.   Mail shops were equipped to attach labels to mail, sort and deliver to the post office.  We still consider service and accurate data the most important thing for our customers

The state of technology changed.  It’s very different today.  Eventually, the Board of Elections moved their records to computers.  They made that data available to campaigns, only the basic information about voters.

When Prime New York picks up CDs, we enhance them much as we did thirty years ago.  We add phone numbers, we use cleanup technology and household the information for mailing.

We match for mobile phone numbers, demographic information including income, presence of children, ethnicity, and language.

Understanding data is much the same.  Diminishing universes to make contact affordable is one thing we do.  Knowing who will receive your messages and be motivated to vote is something else we know about.  Prime New York’s Data is clean, up to date, and affordable.  We don’t leave you hanging and guessing.  We help you figure it out.


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